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I wanted to share some styling tips for your upcoming session.

These are general things I suggest to all my clients. They are by no means rules, so feel free to dress as an expression of your true self and your business. If you have questions or would like me to help you pick exactly what to wear, just let me know and I will make sure to allocate time before your session.



Here are some of the styling tips:


  • Plan in advance

Look through your closet and actually try clothes on ahead of time. Make sure your top choices fit you well, are clean, and clear of stains, rips, loose threads, etc. Also, plan for a full look including shoes, instead of just the top half, so we can get more variety out of our session. Check to see if your clothes are see-through, and if so, make sure to pack suitable underwear and/or a cami/undershirt. Shapewear is life and very welcome - feel free to bring your favorite!

  • Celebrate variety

Depending on the type of session you have chosen, you'll get anything between 3 and 10 outfits. Think about how we can create the most variety, especially with layering pieces. I generally recommend these 3 options at a minimum: casual, professional, and formal, for example. It looks like this: slacks, shirt, and cardigan for the 1st look; a power suit with 2 different colored jackets for the 2nd look; and a slimming and flattering dress with the option of a scarf for the 3rd look. For the guys, I suggest a polo or button-down shirt with dark-wash jeans; dressy pants with a sweater; and a power suit made within the last 5 years (avoid double-breasted suit jackets - they date the suit and you!).

  • Think about the details

Get a fresh Mani and Pedi or remove leftover nail polish altogether. Make a hair appointment for any touch-ups well in advance of the session, and avoid experimenting close to the date of the session. If you see the same hair person for years, it's a great idea to book a later session and hit the salon prior to coming into the studio. Avoid tanning, even if you feel pale. I can warm or cool all tones within a photograph and give you a tinted glow if you'd like, but artificial spray tans often make skin look saturated and orange, in addition to funky tan lines (and that's way harder to edit!). 

  • Consider who is your ideal target audience

If your business or ideal client is corporate (or corporate-oriented), consider dressing more formally (i.e. a suit, a button-down shirt, tailored clothing, etc.). If you have more freedom in your industry and can take advantage of different styles, consider flattering shapes for your body type, and colors that compliment your skin tone.

I frequently get asked by my clients if they should wear the colors that match their branding. This is very personal and strategic, but not necessarily flattering. Sometimes the brand colors are not suited for clothes. If you have questions about wearing your brand colors as an outfit, please let me know and I can give you an honest opinion.

  • Consider treating yourself before the session

If you decide to go shopping before your session, choose a store that provides good quality clothes that are reflective of the image you would like to portray. Good stores offer you a personal shopping experience by assisting you to put together a complete outfit. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sales clerk’s help.

  • Wear accessories

There are endless options for accessorizing for a photo session. Think of printed scarves, dangling earrings, bib necklaces, and everything else you can wear to make your outfit stand out. Accessories can be very fun, so I encourage you to consider them. I can help you pick exactly what would look great with the outfit you choose. I have entered many clients’ closets and actually love making suggestions. If you are unsure of which accessories to wear, feel free to select your favorites and I can help you choose the best ones for the session.



  • Things to avoid

Independently from your line of business and session, there are some things you can follow to ensure your photos remain current and tasteful for longer:

- Large/busy patterns – you should be the focus of the photos, not the clothes

- Large or easily identifiable logos (unless it is your own company’s logo)

- Ill-fitted clothes (if you have recently experienced a change in weight, make sure the clothes you wear are the right size for your body)

- Over-accessorizing – less is more

- Uncomfortable clothes (even if they are pretty!)



These tips are meant to help you look your best. As always, I am available to answer any questions you may have and can guarantee you a great session, even if you do not follow these suggestions.


Want more tips? Here's a blog post with additional info.


See you soon!