"Before Laine snapped a single picture, I knew she was worth every penny…” -Deb Brown

Photo Credit: © Megan DiPiero Photography
When it comes to headshots, it’s important to work with the best branding photographer for you.

Hi! I’m Laine (pronounced like the beer - “Leinie”) and I’ve worked with hundreds of personal brands to create gorgeous professional photos since 2011. 

In that time, I’ve seen the impact custom headshots and branding photography has made on the businesses of my clients. 

I’m thrilled and humbled to be a part of their business growth and I love seeing how their pictures have helped them achieve great things.

The short list of things my clients have done with their branding photos include:

● Elevating their personal brands and increasing their sales by updating their headshots, online presence, and overall branding.

● They’ve positioned themselves as sought-after coaches with incredibly successful course launches.

● We’ve collaborated to create book covers for best-selling and award-winning books.

● I’ve even had the privilege of watching one of my clients take the stage as a keynote speaker at a conference with over 800 people in attendance - she told me it wouldn’t have been possible if she hadn’t repositioned her brand using the photos we created together. (I still get emotional thinking about it!)

I have to say… working with these amazing go-getters is pretty cool!

My clients have inspired me to raise the bar for my own brand as well as to step forward as the face of my business.

Over the years, I’ve become one of the few elite photographers in the Twin Cities area known for personal branding, lifestyle photo sessions, and custom portfolios for personality-driven businesses.

I’ve even started my professional speaking career to help entrepreneurs step into the business and brand they were meant to have. 

I speak a lot about the lessons I’ve learned from my downfalls and the business hacks I’ve developed over the years.

Having a speaking career also gives people (like you) a chance to see me hold a microphone instead of a camera for a change.


My background

I moved from my home in Brazil to the US in 2006, though I’ve photographed all over the world.

I also have a background in marketing, strong communication skills, and a mind for brand strategy. I use these skills in a process that I’ve developed over years of working with ambitious people to understand their goals and direction before we even start a session. 

To me, it’s crucial that my clients are at ease, that I’ve listened to, and understood their goals, concerns, and ideas before we begin.

From there, we work together to create a clear concept for the branding photos so we know exactly what we need to do.

After photographing hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs, I’ve learned that I do my best work when my clients make me a part of their team and completely trust me to deliver their vision.

I become very invested in their results because a beautiful library of images for them means a successful body of work for me. It’s a win-win!

Ultimately, the new images help them attract the right clients, help more people, and make more money - and I love being a part of the process.

If you could benefit from a high-end branding photo session and are ready to show off some gorgeous new headshots, let’s chat!

Hope to talk to you soon,



Proud Member of Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America


“I had looked at Laine's work and was impressed with how she seemed to catch the spirit of each person! I also liked the fact that she would have a makeup artist available to take that worry from me. I realized that Laine has the gift to make me relax and laugh and smile without any effort - and that made the session fun and relaxing yet productive. I was told that I looked natural and genuine! It is totally worth branding yourself with a contemporary and upbeat professional photo of yourself. You owe it to yourself to take that next step and make that change! I think the passion that Laine has for her photo sessions is very contagious and helps to set a wonderful and exciting time for all involved! I would definitely recommend her as a photographer.” -Naomi Golnitz


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