Tim Morrow(non-registered)
Thank you, Laine, for making us look and feel great! Photo shoots so often feel awkward (and the results often reflect that) but you made the whole experience feel fun and relaxed.
Isabel Gomes(non-registered)
Laine é uma excelente fotógrafa. A experiência foi sensacional. A energia que ele coloca no seu trabalho e a sua simpatia nos faz sentir à vontade e revela o melhor e mais autêntico de nós. Super recomendo!
Manuela Andrade(non-registered)
Laine is an amazing photographer. She makes you feel at ease in the first 5 minutes. She is able to adapt to any circumstance and make the most of the photoshoot with a big smile and her easy-going attitude. She was guiding me on what to do, and how to position myself, and that made the whole thing effortless, light, and fun. By the time we finished selecting the pictures, I didn't even want to leave her studio. It was way easier than I had anticipated and I can't recommend her enough.
Teresa Reiner(non-registered)
Laine came to our office to update professional headshots for our team. She did a great job asking questions ahead of time about what we wanted to accomplish. We had several planning phone calls prior to the event. On the day of the event, Laine made everyone feel comfortable being photographed and multiple people told me so that day. They had been nervous but said Laine made them feel at ease and comfortable. The end results were stunning! We are so please with what she was able to provide to our office that will help all our team appear more professional and personable in sales/marketing/client materials.
Anthony Kennedy(non-registered)
Laine is a true professional who knows how to put her clients at ease and bring out their best. Her enthusiasm and energy ensure a great experience with fantastic results.
Erika Salina(non-registered)
I just had the pleasure of working with Laine to create a collection of photographs to use in my business for a variety of applications. I was blown away at the care she took to learn who I was, what I care about, what my business is about, who my clients are, the feeling I want them to have when they work with me . . . her listening was stellar, and her questions incredibly targeted and insightful.

Laine guided me through crafting the plan for our session, from a visit to my closet to creating a shopping list for missing and needed items, identifying locations, types of shots in each outfit, in each location, and confirming how the shots could be used in my work.

Going through the collection of photos to narrow the hundreds down to the final group was at first intimidating, but Laine is a master of maintaining the right mindset, focus, and keeping the end goal always clear. As insecurities and hesitancies arose in me, she magically counseled and left me with some new understandings of how I might surpass those insecurities once and for all. That, I had not expected, nor experienced with any other photographer!

She ensured that I would end up with groups of photographs that told stories, that were a mix of closeups, 3/4 shots, 1/2 body shots, and full-body shots, that were vertical and horizontal, that could be used for social media with text and graphics added, etc. Her work is impeccable, artistic, and absolutely lets my personality and preferences shine through. Highly recommend!
Beth Bomba(non-registered)
Laine is the ultimate professional! Her studio is bright, clean, and inviting! I booked a mini headshot session and felt extremely comfortable and at ease during the photo shoot. Laine makes it so easy to pose plus she knows the exact angle she wants for the shot. All of the pictures caught a unique side of my personality and I LOVE them!!
Cindy Harrison(non-registered)
I highly recommend Laine Torres Photography for your branding photography needs. The images that she produces are quite amazing and she truly has a gift of relaying each person and their personality through her photos.
Kim Harriman(non-registered)
Sometimes getting your pictures done makes you feel not so comfortable. Not at Laine Torres Photography. They make you feel so good that it just came natural, and they did an amazing job. I would highly recommend them.
Tina Billstrom(non-registered)
Laine did a fantastic job with my professional headshots. She made it difficult for me to narrow down the options from all the great shots she took!
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