Lisa Bouta(non-registered)
Laine was wonderful. I haven't had headshots done in a long time and she was professional, so fun to work with! The shoot went perfectly and the pictures were above and beyond my expectations.
Shannan Harris(non-registered)
This is the second time I have had the pleasure of working with Laine for my professional headshots. She is so fun and skilled at making you feel comfortable and really getting your personality to be reflected in the photos. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a talented, considerate and personable photographer! Loved my time with her!
Barb Zuleger(non-registered)
Laine Torres is a professional who knows what she is doing. From understanding her technology and lighting to how to get the best from her clients, and the branding message each shot can send, she makes it easy. Having amazing marketing photos ready to use for all PR / marketing needs keeps my marketing current and connected. Laine made it easy, fun, and relaxed with fabulous results.
Andrea Winbush(non-registered)
I am one of those people who hates having their picture taken. Laine was so great at making me feel comfortable. She took extra time and was so encouraging through the whole process. I would recommend her highly!
Chelsie Welgraven(non-registered)
Taking pictures with someone you’ve never met can be hard and in my opinion awkward with my previous experience in working with professional photographers. However, that was not the case with Laine! She is truly amazing. Our photoshoot was fun, enjoyable, and not uncomfortable at all! I feel like I paid for 2 services - photos and a fun experience! I wouldn’t work with anyone else!
Connie Hertz(non-registered)
Laine Torres is fun to work with! The results of my headshots were top quality. I have 3 new poses with different clothes to use now! Thank you, Laine!
Julie Frazier(non-registered)
Laine Torres has a gift for bringing out the best in people through her camera lens. My professional photos look amazing! Laine captured the essence of me in a natural yet polished way. I highly recommend Laine Torres Photography for anyone looking to present the best of themselves in today’s digitally connected environment.
Kris Langworhy(non-registered)
I'll admit I was pretty nervous about doing a photo shoot because I wasn't sure I would like what the camera "saw". Laine did a great job making me feel comfortable and drawing out the best photos! Thanks a bunch!!
Rachelle Niemann(non-registered)
I never expected to have so much fun getting my headshots done, but that's exactly what Laine made it! She sets you up for success and takes all the worry and stress away before and during the photo session. Her process really makes you feel like a celebrity. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. And the photos! OMG! They are gorgeous, and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend Laine and her team.
Maggie Knoke(non-registered)
Laine has a sharp and discerning eye and composes incredible photos. Her technical work is top-notch, but what truly sets her apart is her holistic approach: she starts with a deep-dive consultation to understand your brand, how you will use the photos and your priorities. She includes a consult with a stylist to ensure your images are cohesive, support the brand and convey the messages you intend. The photography session starts with professional makeup artist -- you'll look like you but show up well in the images. Finally, Laine does an extensive consult to pick the final photos, giving guidance ensuring you have what you need for your priorities -- website, media kit, bios & profiles, social media, printed marketing materials, newsletters, and even family gifts. Thanks for setting me up with a full-service suite of fantastic images, Laine!
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