Laine Torres Photography, LLC | Styling Tips for your Family Session


I am so excited for our upcoming session!

On this page you will find general suggestions I make to all my clients. They are by no means rules, so feel free to dress as an expression of your true self and what reflects your family's personality. If you have any questions, please send me an email  or call or text me at (763) 218-7484 and I will be able to help you.

You can also find me on Pinterest (click to follow me!), where I have pinned some ideas for outfits.


Professional Photographer for Families and High School Seniors in AndoverLaine Torres is a professional photographer for families and high school seniors in Andover, MN

Here are some styling tips to help you plan your family's outfits:

  • Mom & older girls, have your hair and makeup done

Curl, straighten or pin your hair up - have fun!

Also wear makeup that compliments your natural beauty. Focus on bold lashes and a lip color that flatters your skin tone. Bring the tube with you for touch-ups.


Do you know that you can add a professional makeup artist to your session for an extra fee per person?

If you haven't yet, click here and book it now – this service is dependent on availability of artist, so don’t wait!


  • Also, have fresh nail polish or remove it altogether

​Either is fine, but please remove leftover polish.


  • Guys, get a nice close shave

​If you're sporting a 'stache or full blown beard, just get a trim and you'll look super sharp.


  • Kids, wear your fun accessories

​Ideas for girls: hats, hairpieces, necklaces, bracelets, belts and scarves to name a few.

Ideas for boys (and guys): hats, beanies, leather cuffs, watches, suspenders, belts and scarves to name a few. Please refrain from wearing sunglasses.


  • Couples, siblings, families or groups, please don't match colors!

​Instead, coordinate colors that go well together. Same goes for accessories. They shouldn't match, but need to look nice next to each other.

Bonus tip 1: Mom, pick your outfit first and then work around it to coordinate everyone else's.

Bonus tip 2: Jeans for group photos are perfect!


  • Family, consider going shopping for some brand new clothes

You are already invested in your photography, don't hold back on your style!

If you decide to go shopping before your session, choose a store that provides good quality clothes that are reflective of your family's personality. Good stores offer you a personal shopping experience by assisting you to put together a complete outfit. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sales clerk’s help.

Like to shop online? Click here for a shopping guide that lists online stores with tons of gorgeous and easy to coordinate outfits!


  • Things to avoid

There are some things you can stay away from to ensure your photos remain current and tasteful for longer:













There you go! These tips are meant to help you look your best!

And, as always, I am available to answer any questions you may have - contact me anytime!

See you soon!