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Choosing a photographer is hard work!

I bet you received referrals and tons of names of friends who have a cool camera. Here's what you can do to narrow down the prospects:

- Ask the potential photographer to show you a FULL session - all photos included. Because the photos you see on websites are the top photos, when you see a full session you will get a better idea of what the photographer produces consistently. Look for a style that matches what you would like to receive. (Check below for 3 full sessions, including all the photos that the couples received from me.)

- Read true and unbiased recommendations. Online ratings posted to Google or even Facebook are very hard to forge. When someone writes good things about a photographer, look for specifics on why they are so great. (You can read my reviews here, here and here.)

- Don't let price be the only thing that will decide who will be your photographer. A good, professional and dedicated photographer is not cheap. Also, your time is not cheap, so don't spend yours and your fiance's on someone who is cheap that is trying to figure out the direction for your photos as they go. A professional will have a schedule, direct your session and guide you throughout the whole process. Consider investing in someone that will be worth your dollars, your time and, especially, your memories. (You can see my prices here.)


Beka & Guga

Recife/Olinda - Brazil

Josh & Stephanie

Fridley - Minnesota

Doug & Mary

Fridley - Minnesota

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