family and high school senior portraits in andover, mnLaine Torres is a professional photographer for families and high school senior photos in Andover, MN

1) Where are you located?

I am based in Andover MN, which is in Anoka County, 25mi northwest of Minneapolis.

2) I am far from Andover, can I still book a photo session with you?

Absolutely. I photograph on location, which means I travel to where my clients are. If your location is further than 30 miles from my zip code (55304), mileage charges apply. If you are out of state, or require a commute longer than 2h each way, we can discuss trip arrangements, such as a hotel stay and/or flights, as applicable.

3) What types of photo sessions do you offer?

I specialize in family photography, including kids and newborns, high school senior photography, couples (generally engagement) photos, and professional headshots.

All my sessions are uniquely planned for each client, so they vary accordingly.

Most family, high school seniors and couples/engagement sessions are held outdoors in the spring, summer and fall, and usually take place in the family’s backyard, public parks (such as Minnehaha Falls) or small town centers (such as the lovely Downtown Anoka).

Winter sessions are usually held indoors, at interesting architectural public buildings (such as the beautiful Landmark Center in Saint Paul).

Newborn sessions are usually held in the client’s home, or another comfortable indoor environment, where I setup a newborn studio.

In case the location that you choose happens to charge a photography fee, that charge would be added to your session (such occasions are rare because I know of plenty of different locations where we can shoot for free).

Professional and casual headshot sessions are setup differently. Please click here to see additional info about this type of session.

4) How much do you charge?

To book me for your photo session, a non-refundable booking retainer fee of $99 plus tax is required to hold the date.

Professional and casual headshot sessions have different prices. Please click here to see additional info about this type of session.

Gift portrait prints start at $250, and are framed and ready to be hung.

You may also purchase a USB flash drive with all the archival files for an additional fee, after a qualifying minimum purchase. This will give you all those gorgeous Facebook photos!

Want to know more details? Full price is available upon request - please send me an email and I will reply with my full price sheet.

5) How do I book a photo session?

To book your session, please click on this link to see available dates.*

Once you see a date/time slot that works for you, you may request a booking directly through my calendar (the calendar will walk you through the request for booking process).

*To ensure a great experience, I recommend booking your session at least two weeks out. Newborn sessions should be scheduled within the first week of baby arrival because they are easier to pose and sleep soundly through the session. If you have a special occasion on a certain date that is not available in the calendar, please contact me directly to be placed on a waiting list.

6) What happens after I book a session?

After you submit a booking through my online calendar, I will call you to chat about the session and tell you a little bit more about me.

During the call, we will also schedule an in-person meeting* in the comfort of your home, where you will be able to see and touch the gorgeous photo products available to you. This is really exciting because it’s when we start planning for how you would like to have the images displayed!

*This step is very important for me as an artist, because when I visit your home, I will learn from your style and preferences, and will be able to produce photos that are the right fit for you.

If you are scheduling a newborn session, please remember to choose a date within 1 week of your scheduled delivery date.

And we are set! Now we just wait for the session date.

7) What types of products do you offer?

I have tried many professional photo labs and have confidently partnered with some of the top labs in the industry to ensure I can provide the absolute best photo products to my clients.

I offer all of the following:

-       Stunning wall art canvases as large as 24x36

-       Modern floating metal prints as large as 20x30

-       State of the art photo albums that are sure to impress in various sizes

-       Classic and timeless mounted (framed) gift portrait prints

-       Fun gift albums that make special keepsakes, and

-       USB flash drives with archival files of all photo products purchased*

*USB flash drives are available for purchase at an additional charge after qualifying minimum purchase.

Click here to learn more and see some of these gorgeous photo products! <coming soon!>

8) How long does a session take?

The duration of the session varies according to availability of light and how quickly we can progress from one shot to the next. As an average, please plan for at least 1h30min.

If we visit a couple different locations, sessions can take up to 2h. I recommend taking the whole day off for the photos, so you can get ready and excited, enjoy the photos and your time with your family. You can then celebrate the day with ice-cream or a fun dinner afterwards. This is also a great bribing incentive for the kids!

For newborn sessions, the duration can vary greatly, usually taking between 2h-3h. Newborn sessions are a special bonding experience for everyone involved, and it’s important for everyone to relax, so the baby can relax as well. For your newborn session, you may rest easy knowing that the whole day will be scheduled exclusively for you. This ensures plenty of time for feedings, changes and any other needs the baby may have. Please remember to plan for up to 3h for the session, just in case.

9) How should I prepare for the session?

As I mentioned above, I encourage you to take the day off and enjoy an outing with the family. I also encourage you to make plans for after the session – ice-cream, dinner, a sleepover, or anything else that may get the kids excited.

Since Fido is also a part of the family, if he comes, it may be tricky to go out to a restaurant, so instead, you can pack quick snacks and finish the day with a laid-back picnic. Now, how fun is that?

Above all, remember that having your photos done is very much about the whole experience. You’ll be in good hands, so relax and let me work with the kids to capture those beautiful smiles!

10) What should I wear for the session?

After your booking has been confirmed, you will receive a shopping guide that you can use for online shopping, (or visit the store in person), or just use it for inspiration. You will also be invited to pin together with Pinterest, and show me your ideas.

Do you have a favorite outfit already in your closet? I would love to see it! Shoot me a quick photo and I’ll let you know how we can add accessories to complete the look.

Still unsure? Here is great advice that will surely help:

·         Avoid white – white can be tricky to photograph on bright days, and usually ends up looking boring. Use colors and patterns to express your personality.

·         Avoid matching all the outfits – when would you ever dress exactly like grandma? We want the photos to reflect each member of the family individually. Let’s celebrate how special everyone is.

·         Avoid athletic tennis shoes – they look great with workout outfits, but not so much with a summer dress. Plus their bright colors usually end up being a distraction.

·         Choose clothes that are comfortable – if your youngest says the shirt itches, it probably won’t be a good look for the photos. Same goes for a shirt that keeps bulging. Comfort should be a priority for sure!

·         Choose clothes that fit you well and flatter your figure – there’s beauty in all sizes, make sure your outfit celebrates your curves.

·         Choose clothes that are classic – fads and trends come and go. You will have these photos for years and years, so make sure you dress timelessly.

11) What happens after the session?

After the photo session, I will work on editing the photos and will contact you to schedule an ordering session. This usually takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the season.

The ordering session is the most special service I provide, and you will love to see all your photos at the appointment!

Here is what you can expect:

·         Appointments usually take about 1h, but you can plan up to 1h30min so you have extra time with the photos

·         You will view all your photos as a slideshow and enjoy light snacks and beverages

·         You will see and touch all the photo products you can order

·         I will help you select your favorite photos and products

·         I will collect payment for your order, and place it with my lab.

·         Once my lab ships your order to me, I will inspect it for accuracy and quality, and deliver it to you (I will actually come to your house and hang your wall art for you, so you can enjoy the photos right away!)


·         Full payment is due at the end of the ordering session (payment plans are available for large orders)

·         No kids are allowed at the appointment (please plan to hire a sitter while you enjoy the photos with your spouse)

·         Please request that all decision-makers be present (if a decision-maker cannot attend the appointment, we will need to reschedule it)

This will be the only time when you can view the photos and place your order. If, for any reason, you request a second ordering session, you will be charged a $250 fee for the additional appointment.

12) What types of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, check and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB). Easy monthly payments are also available for large orders.

13) How can I learn more about your work?

Check out my blog

Like Laine Torres Photography, LLC on Facebook

Connect with me on Facebook and/or

Send me an email

14) I love your work! What is the best way to recommend you to a friend?

Oh, my, thank you! You can share this website (, or let them know why you love my work!

I also offer a rewarding referral program to family, friends and repeat clients. Click here to learn more about my Referral & Rewards Program.

15) I still have questions – how can I contact you?

Please click here to visit my contact form, or click this link to send me an email.