The Power of Extraordinary Women


"The Power of Extraordinary Women" is a personal project by professional photographer Laine Torres, located in Minnesota, United States.


Laine is a native Brazilian living in the U.S. since 2006. She has been deeply inspired and affected by growing up with an independent, strong and confident woman, her own mother, Maria Aureci Tabosa, who still resides in Brazil and has recently celebrated her 70th birthday.


Aureci overcame poverty and adversity, became a single mom after ending her 20 year-long marriage, and continuing to raise 2 children on her own.


Laine's mom is described by friends and family as beautiful, loyal, inspiring, strong, a hard worker, altruist and too many other wonderful adjectives to list on this page.


With this project, Laine wants to meet, photograph and recognize the extraordinary women who shape and inspire all of us, through actions both large and seemingly small.


You can participate and nominate a woman who is extraordinary in the form below.


The success of this project depends on the help of someone like you, whose life has been touched by an extraordinary woman.


Thank you for participating!


IMPORTANT: Please note that, due to location restrictions, Laine can only photograph nominees within Minnesota and neighboring states. Other locations will be added as the project grows.




Why I nominated my own mother


Interview #1: Maria Aureci Tabosa