How We Met - An Unlikely Love Story

Chris and I have met online.

That’s pretty common nowadays, but it was not that ordinary 12 years ago. It was especially extraordinary when you consider I was in my early 20’s and a student attending Advertising college in Brazil. That’s right. When we met, I was all the way down in Brazil, and he was way up here in Minnesota!

One day we started chatting online through an international dating website, all because of a cute photo he had posted with his nephew. I messaged him first. I literally said “nice photo!” and BAM, he was in love with me.

Not really. LOL

Ok, so while we were still just getting to know each other, we started chatting and within a short period of time progressed to very (unbeknownst to us) expensive international phone calls (ouch!). We did all the late night calls, downpour of back and forth of emails and video chats that were scheduled as allowed by our different time zones.

One day, out of the blue, I asked him out. Truth be told, I had no expectations, no plans, I had no idea what would happen. I mean, this guy was all the way up in Minnesota, and I had my whole life shaping up in Brazil, so what COULD happen, really? Still, I asked him out. And he said yes. This was about May 2005.

In August of that same year, he flew to Brazil for the first time, and we met face-to-face. Without knowing a word of Portuguese, without even being sure I was 100% honest, he bought a plane ticket to come see me, almost driving his parents crazy! I used to think that was brave, now I just think it was madness…

Back then we were just two kids, quite different in many aspects, living so far away from each other and simply connected by technology. But somehow he thought he should make the trip. And I’m glad he did.

laine torres photography professional photographer personal love promotion valentine's day storyThis photo was actually taken in 2005, but we really like it. It was taken during one of Chris' many trips to Brazil while we were dating long distance.

This photo was taken after a party at a friend's house, during one of Chris' many trips to Brazil while we were dating long distance.

At first, things did not go so well. We were awkward and nervous around each other. Plus he arrived wearing boots and high waisted pants and I was NOT attracted to that (to this day it’s still unclear how he felt about my hippie clothes… I know, one look at 2005 me and you would agree that I really had no right to judge ANYONE’S style…).

laine torres photography personal love valentine's day story professional photographer andover brazil

A sample of our trendy styles for your personal amusement. You're welcome.

FYI: This is Chris AFTER I took him out shopping for "Brazilian" clothes. Yup, I know.

And so after the first few days, when he acclimated to the scorching weather and the humidity level only the tropics can offer, things started to make sense for us. We both were who we thought of each other. We both recognized that person we had been talking to over the phone for so many nights in the past few months. And our first kiss happened in the kitchen of my mom’s old house. I remember his heart about to beat out of his chest. It was really sweet. <3

We dated long distance for about 2 and a half years, travelling here and there, exchanging letters, photos, gifts and even breaking up a few times.

I moved to the U.S. in 2007 and we got married in Vegas in 2008.

Us kids, lathering on sunscreen before baking bathing in the sun.

It still personally amazes me how we were so far from each other, and yet were able to travel great lengths to be together,  to grow together, and commit to one another, through different upbringings and the obvious challenges posed by any long-term relationship.

How about you? Do you have an inspirational, unique, weird, funny story about how you met your significant other?

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Thank you, Jeannette! We like to think we kind of are, but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. ;)

It was great to see you today! Great presentation, of course, and your new book sounds fantastic. I am excited to read it as soon as I receive it. Congrats!
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You two are adorable. Love your story Laine!
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