Creative and Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids

Last week I got this email from Etsy that had great suggestions for creative and personalized gifts for kids. I bet you'll agree that these are so much more meaningful than what you find at a large chain store!

My mother-in-law can sew beautifully (she is working on this gorgeous quilt for Chris and I), and if you are into crafts like her, you can easily crochet, knit or sew something for their bedroom (chances are you probably already do that for those special dates, I imagine).

Now, for those of us who are craftily challenged (including myself), there are some great options out there that come ready, but also full of love (Click images to learn more about each suggestion):

1. Personalized Growth Chart: $29.95

How exciting for them to measure up their height as they grow! Also prevents you from having those pen marks all over the wall. (Side note: this can be a great project for you two to do together.)

2. Personalized Children's Book: $35

Imagine the surprise when your child finds out the main character of his new book looks JUST like him! You also get to include a personal letter at the end of the book. This is a gift kids would hold on to forever.

3. Personalized Child Drawing: $75

Of course I love actual photos, but this would be such another great way to have art around the house! You can use a photo that you love but that maybe didn't turn out perfect. I am sure that it would look great in a watercolor like this. And with their name at the bottom? Love it.

4. Personalized Child Name Print: starting at $12.00

What a fun idea for a gift! Order the size of your preference, put it in a nice frame and voilà! A unique gift that is cute and will for sure be adored.

5. Personalized Handwritten Ring: $21.00

This one might be a better fit for older girls, but it's also a great and personal gift that includes your own handwriting (you could write their nickname - how special would that be?). Pair it with their favorite candy for extra thank you hugs.

And there you have it! These unique and personal gifts pack even more love.

When I was a teenager I got a hand-painted porcelain heart pendant that had my name written in gold. It was a gift from my late maternal grandma, and I loved that necklace. Unfortunately it broke after a few years, so I held on to the pieces and probably still have it in a drawer somewhere.

How about you? Have you ever received a personal gift that you absolutely loved? What was it? And what else would you add to this list?



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