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Chris and I were in Brazil for 3 glorious weeks. At first it seemed like a long time away from my bed, my computer and the DVR (the first thing I did when I got back home was catch up on the Bachelorette!). Turns out it wasn't. Because we had too much fun, visiting with tons of friends, gathering family every other day and laughing at stories from the past: reminiscing about my childhood was just what the doctor ordered. Geez, those people are funny!

The weather was rainy (they're in the "winter" now, which means mid 60's to 70's - not bad, huh?) and it was chillier there than back at home, here in Minnesota. Nonetheless, the only thing we didn't make happen was the beach. Instead, we went to a friend's house up in the mountains.

I got to visit my brother's house for the first time (his place has a beautiful view of this lush park with tons of green), and visited my dad as he recovered from an unexpected surgery (he's doing great, in case you wondered). I saw my closest cousins, high school friends, grandparents and former neighbors (which will really always be my neighbors at heart).

On one of the last days, I got to walk my dog, as I really wanted. It was an adventure because we got rained on a LOT! Then I washed him just like I used to when I lived there. I love that puppy! <3

And, of course, I ate more than I dare to admit. It really was wonderful to be there for this time.

It's always bittersweet to come home, because I miss everyone the second I step onto the plane, but I'll always have these photos to put a smile back on my face. :)

Check out the slideshow below or click here to view larger photos with descriptions.

(All photos taken with the closest available cellphone)

So what do you think? Would you like to visit Brazil? Got any questions for me? Ask away! :)

Thanks for reading,


P.S.: Here's where you can read about the time I took my gringos to Brazil!


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Thank you, Elda! This trip was the best. We enjoyed every second of it, and too soon it was time to head back home, always leaving a piece of my heart there. Thank you for reading!
These photos are PRECIOUS! So many cousins, bff's, family, mountains, ocean, blue sky, night view of the city, food, etc. etc.... What a beautiful experience for you creating special memories! Thanks so much for sharing.
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