How to Choose the Right Picture Size for Your Wall

How to Choose the Right Picture Size for Your Wall*Real life sizes shown in inches

If you have ever had to choose one (or many) images to decorate a specific wall in your home, you know size does matter.

Go too small and you won't be able to identify who is in the photo. Go too large and you will come across as narcissistic.

Bradford Rowley, a well-known and highly successful photographer, says: 

"I focus on one of the most important elements a portrait can have: proper face size. I take great care to educate clients that faces should be 60-100% life-size to create an element of "presence" that is so important in a proper portrait. The element of presence is needed to convey the proper impact and allow us to connect with the subjects we are viewing. As we descend below 60% life-size, the portrait  begins to lose significant impact."

Rowley doesn't believe in selling images for a specific wall, because you can always redecorate and, ultimately, move to a new home, with which I agree. However, I know from experience that sometimes my clients look for a specific photo to fill a special space in their homes. And, with that said, I need to be able to help them in the best way possible.

Choosing the right size for the photos you want to display can be overwhelming, even when you have measurements. Luckily, technology has provided professional photographers and artists with software that allows the photos of the client's choice to be projected on their own wall. How? Here's an example:

How to Choose the Right Picture Size for Your WallClick this image to see the session whose photos I used to demonstrate how this cool app works!

After the photos are done and before the ordering session, I ask that my clients send me a photo of the wall where they would like to create a photo collection. Then, at the ordering session, we choose the photos they would like to display, and I can promptly project the collection design they choose, with the photos they choose, onto the very wall they want to hang them. This step takes care of the guessing work, and gives my clients the confidence they need to order the exact photos and sizes that will look best in their home.

I have heard from clients that it is SO helpful that I am there every step of the way to guide them, and that the projection of their images on their walls is the best thing next to physically ordering all kinds of photos and sizes to try out in person. How cool is that?

While I imagine Rowley works with extremely wealthy clients (because he sells millions of dollars per year, out of multiple studios here in the US), I work mostly with your average and awesome families, who, independently from their bank account digits, truly value family time and photographic memories they can display in their homes.

If you would like to learn more about planning a photo session for your family, click here to send me an email. I would love to hear from you!


Laine Torres LOVES to work with busy moms to plan a fun photo session for the whole family. She helps with choosing the best location, flattering outfits, guiding everyone to pose and, ultimately, with what to do with their gorgeous photos after the session. If you would like to experience custom professional photography services, contact Laine now.


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