Are You Camera Shy? Top 3 Secrets to Getting Comfortable on Camera

*This is a guest blog post by Laura Madden.


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 Having your photograph taken by a professional is a truly transformative experience that may spark your creativity and elevate your self-confidence. But still, so many women avoid the camera due to fear, shyness, body shame, self-consciousness, or lack of self-esteem.

Of course, working as a model for almost 20 years, I have a slightly different opinion because it is something I love to do.

I use the experience to express myself, ignite my creativity and inspire and empower others to stand up and use their voice, without even saying a word.

I am also forever a student in front of the lens, always learning, and it is my honor to share with you what I know!

In this blog post, I’m sharing my top 3 secrets from my own experience in the modeling industry to help you gain confidence in front of the lens, and overcome your hesitance to having your photos taken once and for all. Let’s have some fun!

1.    Embrace your beauty.

What do you love most about yourself? Let’s focus on that and only that! That is your beauty. You don't need a perfect body. But you do need to feel perfect in your body. When you are comfortable in your skin and confident in who you are, you are not only empowered, but you are transformed from the inside out. By focusing on what you love about yourself and highlighting those things, you take attention off the things you don’t like. You can't think good and bad at the same time! Getting confident and empowered is all about concentrating on what you most love about you. Blinders up to the rest of it!

2.    Just be yourself.

Expressing who you really are is a matter of using your voice. It is your creativity, your essence. Dedicate time to finding your voice and express yourself, which is key to creating a transformational experience on camera (both on the inside and out). On a photo shoot with trained professionals, who care about you, you are perfectly safe to fully express yourself and shine. Show YOU!

3.    Dress in clothes you love.

When you approach getting dressed as a fun, playful endeavor, it’s more fun and more likely you will love that person you see in the mirror! If choosing clothing is not a favorite past-time of yours, it may be a good idea to work with a wardrobe stylist, a photo shoot coach, or consult your photographer on the best choices for you. Having fun = relaxation > confidence > photo shoot success. Let’s play!

Getting on camera with confidence and charisma is a matter of presence, not perfection. It is about allowing yourself to shine from the inside out vs. evaluating every bit of your outer shell with a magnifying glass. Your outer physical attributes will look and feel just perfect when you are confident and comfortable in your skin, excited to share yourself with the world, and proud of the image you see in the mirror.

My intention in sharing this information is to inspire and empower you to get on camera and ignite your enthusiasm to be seen and to be yourself!


Top 3 Secrets to Getting Comfortable on Camera

Photo by Jennifer Alyse

Are you inspired? Empowered? Excited? Leave a comment and let me know how this was most helpful for you. Let’s have some fun & get some great pictures!



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