Kids Headshot Session for Show Audition in St Paul with Audrey

Kids Headshots for Show Audition in Minneapolis

This gorgeous girl above is my oldest niece, Audrey. She has a heart of gold, great student, dedicated sister and accomplished tap dancer (she has received several awards!). Oh, and she loves popcorn.

Audrey is 13 and the daughter of Andrea, my sister-in-law.

A few weeks ago she was invited to audition for a show at the Ordway Theater. She needed to tap and sing, and with a 2-day notice, she was also told to bring in a printed headshot at the time of the audition - which, I have to say, is quite a big deal.

<Enters moi> :)

Andrea let me know of the invitation, date, details, and that she needed impromptu photos of Audrey. I had to make some room for a quick session with her, but we made it happen.

Needless to say, we are in LOVE with these pictures.

This is exactly who she is, how she is. Andrea received TONS of compliments - like, people called her after I posted these on Facebook, just to let her know how much they love the photos. <3

Oh, and Audrey got a call-back after the audition. We're waiting for the next round. I know, she rocks!

Kids Headshots for Show Audition in Minneapolis

Kids Headshots for Show Audition in Minneapolis

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