Emergency Headshot Session in St. Michael with Stacy

This was the 2nd time I have been called to solve a photo emergency! Read on.

Stacy sent me an email and said it was an emergency: she needed photos for her profile at her company's website. Everyone in her Chicago office already had theirs done, so she was left to come up with 2 shots that matched the concept that was created for the site.

When I arrived, she was all ready to go, and had also laid out a number of different outfits and accessories for me to see. (I love seeing what everyone has in their closets!) She also showed me how the website will look, and shared the idea behind everyone else's pictures. (They developed an awesome concept, by the way - can't wait to see it when all the photos are up!)

At the beginning of the session, Stacy was a little shy, but was also following directions super well. After I setup the studio, we shot some photos inside, with and without a backdrop, then moved outside, shot in the rain and on a little corner of the house where it was just barely sprinkling. She was such a trooper: changed outfits 3 times, changed shoes, dug out an umbrella, and pretty much rocked all I asked her to do. By mid-session she was super comfortable and told me she was really enjoying being photographed by me! :)

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Professional Headshot Session in Saint Michael MN 55376

Professional Headshot Session in Saint Michael MN 55376

Professional Headshot Session in Saint Michael MN 55376 Professional Headshot Session in Saint Michael MN 55376

Professional Headshot Session in Saint Michael MN 55376

Stacy is in the process of moving back to Minnesota, from Chicago. For now she's still on the road a lot, but is very excited to live here and work as the Executive Vice President & Controller for INT. She is a big fan of Formula One racing, which is a big deal in Brazil (have you ever heard of Ayrton Senna?), and she is an amazing baker (or so I heard - I made her promise to offer me a piece of cake sometime so I can verify this VERY important information).

Once I delivered all of her proofs, she told me it was super hard to choose, and that she literally spent all day on the phone with the personnel from the Chicago office, while they raved about her photos - now THAT'S a successful ending to a photo emergency!

Thanks for trusting me to be your photographer, Stacy.

I loved working with you. Enjoy your photos and don't forget about my piece of cake! :)


Professional and Casual Headshot Session in St Michael MN 55376


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