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Short & Sweet Version:

Photo sessions with me are casual, fun and natural: they're unique to you. I work to capture your personality, your energy and relationships.

If you are getting married, I would love to meet with you and talk about your special day. I can promise you will want pictures that capture who you are and how you love -  and I want to be there for you.

I believe that pure and simple images are the most honest and valuable way to remember those we love and the moments we have enjoyed in life. All this matters to me, and all has to be authentic – truthful to who you are – and meaningful. My goal is to capture that in photos you will love.

Want to know more about working with me? Click here to request info and pricing for your special photo session.

Prolix Version:

So, since you're still curious, you might want to know that Laine is actually Brazilian, and besides writing this in the 3rd person, she is full of other faux pas and always blames it on the fact that she is a foreigner (she has actually been living between Brazil and the U.S. for the last 10 years, which barely makes her a foreigner anymore, but that's what she says, so let's just go with it).

Her name is funny, also because she is a "foreigner". Do you know the beer Leinenkugel (aka Leinie)? THAT'S how you pronounce her name! After she mentions the coincidence, some say "well, I don't drink beer", and that's OK, and others say "aaaah, I see it! Cool" and they instantaneously relate Laine with Fun & Good Times (which is awesome).

In Brazil, in the early 2000's, Laine attended college for Marketing (more like Social Communication with an Advertising Major - mouthful) where she learned and fell in love with photography. A couple years later, with her first digital camera, she won a magazine contest after snapping a beautiful sunset in South Brazil. Shortly after, however, life happened and the passion had to become dormant. Forward years and continents, she picked up DSLR's here and there and photographed all the family functions (and the Bartley's, the in-laws, have tons!) A wedding here, a newborn there and that old flame grew into wild fire.

You can find Laine in Andover and all over awesome events throughout the cities. She photographs on location, which includes bringing an entourage of Chris (hubby/assistant), a mobile studio, with lights and all kinds of backgrounds, tripods and stepping stools.

See, before Laine was a photographer, she was actually a writer, another (now sporadic) passion. But nonetheless, with this site and the space for a blog, she is quite excited to, from time to time, share thoughts through images as well as words, hoping both will fancy you.

So thank you for your time and visit.
One last thing, she loves unannounced e-mails! :) You may do so here.

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